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The primary purpose of this site is to shine a bright light on the opportunities available to you in the potentially lucrative world of Internet Marketing. After the financial collapse of 2008, many people all over the world became innocent victims in a financial environment they had no control over, losing their life savings, jobs, homes, and families.

Now 5+ years after the fact, millions of people remain unemployed, or have had to settle for opportunities that don’t even come close to helping people get back on the right track financially. And, the way companies, financial institutions, and governments approach the world of business has changed dramatically, stranding good people everywhere.

You have an opportunity to take control of your own situation using 21st century capabilities while saying so-long to the corporate world and it’s uncertainty. My goal is to empower people to chart their own financial and lifestyle destiny by providing effective tools and information that you can use to earn the kind of money your former bosses will be jealous of.

IMG_5139 (Large)My name is John Newton, and I have been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years. After graduating college, I spent time in industries such as banking, wholesale distribution, electrical and industrial electronics, and voice and data communications, before starting my first company focused on providing communications products, transport, and consulting services to Tier 1 and Tier 2 global clients.

Since then, I have been involved in 5 more start-up businesses ranging from consulting services to real estate development and internet marketing. I have extensive experience in field sales, sales management, and operations management, and understand the requirements to create a winning formula for business success.

If you look around the web, there is a lot of information related to work-at-home opportunities, network marketing, and the online world of internet marketing. What you get from me is a no-nonsense, honest approach where you can make decisions based on facts and reliable information rather than hype and fuzzy details. Since I know that you are willing to commit your time, discipline, resources, and positive attitude toward a clearly-defined objective, by following these systems, you have the skills that can enable you to achieve an abundant lifestyle!

You deserve to have abundance in your life – it’s time to grab your share! And, it would be my privilege to join with you on your journey.

So, Join Me By Clicking Here, or check out some of the opportunities contained in this website, and I look forward to YOUR own Massive Success!



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