Achieve Financial Freedom

Achieve the Financial Lifestyle and Freedom You Deserve

Financial Freedom

Take Action Now – Make a Decision – Stop Second Guessing Yourself!

Achieve the Financial Freedom and Lifestyle You and Your Loved Ones Deserve!

You Know – In Your Heart – You Are Ready!

The Time Is Now.


It’s time to ditch all of the bad habits, the psychic wounds, and the personal roadblocks that are holding you back.

I Urge You –

Take some time NOW to review this information and change YOUR life forever. I want to show you PRECISELY how to make more money than you ever thought possible using simple formulas that are working for me and thousands of people all over the world.

I’ll admit – this is not your typical marketing-friendly page with lots of “white space” and few words. So, take your time and read carefully, because my intent is to help you achieve your goals.

And, let’s be honest – I make money when you join with me.

But the truth is – I truly want to help YOU be successful, because I know how success makes me FEEL. It’s a PROFOUND feeling I want everyone to have. And everyone CAN experience it, by taking the right ACTION.

Hi, my Name is John Newton, and I am looking for another 25 highly motivated individuals who have a burning desire to experience THIS FEELING OF SUCCESS and convert it into real money into your bank account every day.

My wife and I work from the comfort of our home every day. We are earning a multiple six-figure income, and have for years. Among other things, we use the internet to create new opportunities and convert them into a growing income, and a life of freedom and opportunity.

My purpose is not to brag – it is only to impress on you that if I can do it – SO CAN YOU.

Does one or more of these apply to you?

*  Comfortable, but wanting more

*  Not enough money

*  Too much debt

*  Feeling of being overwhelmed

*  Not enough time

*  Fear of not having enough for retirement

*  Frustrating office politics

*  Financially and/or spiritually bankrupt

*  Not sure where to turn

Well, you are not alone. Based on a recent study, 60% are not happy with where they find themselves in life.

My friend, here is the good – no, GREAT – news:

Everything in your life can and will change for the better when YOU decide you have had enough. When YOU decide to take control. When YOU decide to START, unafraid of what you know or what lies ahead.


I understand – you may have heard this all before. But let me assure you – nothing great can be accomplished without clear and definitive action.

My role is to help you understand that there are great alternatives which give you enough comfort to BEGIN TODAY.

You may have seen or even participated in some of the thousands of opportunities out there – MLM, real estate, personal care, stock trading, retirement planning programs, etc.

The OPPORTUNITY I am going to show you does not involve these, but….

I have tried some of these, and they did not work. Why? Here is the cold, hard truth – the fear of failure. I sabotaged my success, not because I wasn’t organized, or not because I wasn’t ready, but because I was more afraid of failure than I was confident in my SUCCESS.

The TRUTH – Many, many people are making tons of money in all of these businesses, following proven methods.

And, one more thing – I counted on others to help me succeed, rather than taking the actions I needed to take myself to insure success.

How is that for spilling out my guts to you? You know what I mean – putting yourself out there and failing…..well, it sucks. It is far easier to be safe – to be comfortable.


When I look at the times in my life when I have been OUTRAGEOUSLY SUCCESSFUL, it is because I challenged myself to do something “no one in their right mind would do”. And you know what, when I read stories of regular people who have achieved great wealth, the story is the same –

Greatness is accomplished when you combine notable risk and definitive action.


Don’t believe me? Read these words from a few great leaders:


“ If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary.” Jim Rohn
“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” Les Brown
“Everything you and I do, we do either out of our need to avoid pain or our desire to gain pleasure.” Anthony Robbins
“No man ever achieved worthwhile success who did not, at one time or other, find himself with at least one foot hanging well over the brink of failure.” Napoleon Hill
“It is our determination to overcome fear and discouragement that constitutes the only effective antidote to the sense of powerlessness over unwanted feelings.” Gordon Livingston


Too often though, we embrace the concepts, but fail to act because of our deep-seated fears and unwillingness to get out of our comfort zone. Many of our fears and beliefs were instilled in us early in life, only to be consciously and unconsciously reinforced by you over time.

What to do?

Think about your beliefs from a different perspective:

  • If you risk something and fail, what is the worst that will happen? Has no one else ever recovered from the same fate?
  • If you risk something and succeed, isn’t that positive?
  • If you don’t know something, does that mean you can’t learn?
  • You are afraid of what people might think? How will they (and you) feel upon seeing you have massive success?

It is important for you to challenge – forcefully challenge – all of your basic beliefs. To break through to massive success, you must first change how and what you believe. You must understand that the negative beliefs you hold so dear are nothing more than a figment of your imagination.


By first focusing – true, unabashed focus – on your belief structure, not only can you break through to a different level, but you will be teaching yourself how to use an important tool – FOCUS – for the next phase of your breakout journey.

Let’s Talk About Income.

There are 3 primary ways to earn income:

  1. Money you earn at a job working for someone else based on a finite amount of time you have to work.
  2. Passive income – income that is generated from sources like investment real estate; businesses that you have an ownership position in but do not work for; or other types of ongoing enterprises where you are leveraging other people’s work to generate income.
  3. Investment income in hard assets like gold, or soft assets like stocks, bonds and dividends that generate an annual return.

Now, looking at this list, what do you think provides the lowest level of security?

If you picked #1, you are correct! Why? Because it requires your finite personal time, paid for typically by someone else, and leaves you with little if any recurring return on time invested. Go to work, get a paycheck…….wash, rinse, repeat.

The reason passive and investment income is valuable is because it leverages the work of other people outside of your time invested. It is not limited by time or the whim of some manager.


The TRUTH – The SECRET to personal and financial success is to find or create a system where you invest your time initially, and then get paid over and over again – a recurring revenue stream – while leveraging the efforts of other people.


Today, 87% of people are not fully financially prepared for ‘retirement’. If you want to avoid this same fate, it is imperative for you to create and develop a recurring stream of investment and passive income.

The sooner you understand this and begin your breakthrough, the sooner you will get out of the 9-5 trap and start living the life you and your family deserve!

Stop clinging only to what you have now, and start creating and generating more.


Okay, I’ll Cut To The Chase.

Wealthy people focus on building assets which leverage low-cost money and other people’s time to generate positive cash flow – passive income – by spending a relative small amount of time upfront and FOCUSING on activities that generate positive results.

I am proposing we work together to achieve the same results.

I will:

  • Enroll you as an affiliate in a program that pays an unheard of 100% gross commissions on nearly every product sold
  • Provide access to systems already built for you to use
  • Give you the opportunity to learn from 4 of the Top 12 earners in this business
  • Provide you access to a team website that has an incredible amount of tools and resources to use
  • Provide you efficient methods with which to obtain your own customers

Here is why this program is so valuable:

  1. It is duplicable
  2. The cost of entry is low – as little as $25
  3. It utilizes the all-important concept of leverage
  4. It incorporates the internet and 21st century technology, helping you to achieve your goals faster
  5. It utilizes a pre-built system which is designed to help you convert opportunities into cash
  6. You can start building this business part-time from the comfort of your home. No inventory. No employees. No real overhead. Just your OWN head…..and heart
  7. If you know how to use a computer and surf the internet, you already know the basics of how to get started
  8. You can literally never have to cold-call a single person. And, you’ll have multiple opportunities to meet and hang-out with millionaires who use this system

What are the first steps?

1.  If you haven’t already done so, go here to register on my site. You will receive follow-up emails upon doing so.  Register Here

2.  If you have already previously registered on my site, then go here to join the program.  Join Here

Once you have joined the program, I will send you a follow-on email that contains information on logging into and registering on the team site.  After that, follow the “Getting Started” guides provided to you in the follow-up emails I will send to you.


Alright, Let’s Wrap This Up.

I’m looking for people who DREAM BIG THINGS.

Will you take responsibility for you and your family’s well-being?

Are you ready to start making INCREDIBLE things happen in your life? Are you willing to stretch a little bit more outside of your comfort zone? Are you ready to create a lifestyle and income that you deserve, but most people think is a pipedream?

If you have read this far, I KNOW you are!

Sure, it does not come without those two imaginary guys on each shoulder pulling on your emotional rubberband.

But listen to your instincts – this pull/counter-pull means you are ready to decide.

What will it be? Go with the crowd and settle for comfort – and no stairway to freedom?

Or, will you TAKE ACTION and bear hug the lifestyle you deserve?

I’m here for you – LET’S DO THIS!


Get Started Here


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