Affiliate Business

Starting an Affiliate Business

Finding the best way to make money online involves a lot of hit or miss attempts at trying to find out what works. Ads, creating products, offering memberships. If you’ve tried everything else, it might be time that you give affiliate business ventures a chance. Affiliate products are an incredible opportunity to make money like never before without having to ever create your own products.

What Is An Affiliate Business?

An affiliate business will involve selling products that other people create. Someone creates an eBook, video set, education course, etc. and you create a website promoting it. If someone buys the product from your page, you get a percentage of the proceeds.

The center of an affiliate program is the product, but it also means you have to get the proper kind of traffic. Lots of traffic means lot of sales.

To make sure you get sales, you’ll have to convince people to buy the product after they make it to your page. Creating squeeze pages, mailing lists, and special offers make it easy to create an enticing chance for someone to buy something off of your page. A good affiliate business uses companies that help you learn how to do all of this without having to learn everything from scratch.

So, you just have to sell someone else’s product – where to start, though?

Where to Start

Getting started with an affiliate business is very similar to other online ventures. You are simply selling something else, rather than ad space or your own creation.

The very first thing that you have to do is create a website. If you join something like the Empower Network, it’s done for you. They’ll give you a blog platform that is already setup and ready to go, and you can leverage the existing high-authority rank Empower has with Google to help get your blog posts ranked. After that, you’ll learn everything you need to know. You can learn it all on your own, but Empower Network makes it easy.

On your own, you’ll have to choose between WordPress and the alternatives to start. I would recommend WordPress over anything else, since there are so many plugin options available that help optimize your WordPress site and make it easier to manage.

Choosing your affiliate business products is can be a bit more challenging. A good affiliate business knows their customer base and knows how to sell them products. If you have a blog already, focus on choosing affiliate products and services that would be appealing to your readers. For those starting from scratch, Click Bank is a good place to find many affiliate offers to promote.

Once you have a blog, all you have to do is create plenty of content for it, build backlinks, and make money. Quality companies will provide you with banners and videos to help you sell the product and pay back a healthy portion of the profits. With Empower Network, you receive 100% gross commissions if you make sales through their system, as long as you are an affiliate using the products yourself.

Building Your Affiliate Business Empire

Your affiliate business is easy to get off the ground, but to sustain and build it takes dedication and focus, along with persistence in the testing and comparing of various efforts. Ultimately, those who succeed building online affiliate business ventures find what works through constant testing and refinement.

If you truly want to get the best start, however, Empower Network is an ideal affiliate program, providing the highest commission rates available. Your blog site will already be trusted by Google, it will already have a great design and blogging platform installed, and you’ll never have to worry about not knowing what to do.

Plus, effective late September 2013, the new Empower ENV2 platform will allow you to use multiple domain names; literally use drag and drop functionality for photos and videos (similar to the way you add objects in Facebook); offer late-2013 support for multiple languages; it will have a social media interface for team and outsider engagement; and provide an even higher level of site authority as the platform becomes more popular worldwide.

Click one of the links below to get started and find out how to build an affiliate business straight from the professionals.

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