Channeling Hummingbird Vitality for Your Business

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Channeling Hummingbird Vitality for Your Business

Channeling Hummingbird Vitality for Your Business

I don’t know about you, but watching the attached video of hummingbirds feeding at an artificial nectar station is not only enthralling but makes me wish I could move that fast and accomplish so much in my own business.

In fact, the Aztec people revered the hummingbird for their extreme energy, ability to work at such a fast pace, and for their overall vitality.

When you think about it, these are also great qualities to have when operating your own business. Every successful entrepreneurial adventure requires a level of vitality and stamina to effectively handle the stresses and requirements inherent with running a business.

Phone calls; emails; follow-ups; putting out the occasional fire; keeping up with the finances – you name it, every successful entrepreneur has a lot on their plate.



The hummingbird is actually a voracious bug eater while also maintaining a rapid daily pace. As such, their ability to find and feed on nectar is critical to supplying the energy they need each day. In business, it is easy to get off-track with the non-business functions important to maintaining your own physical energy. Healthy diets, regular exercise, and adequate sleep are all critical to allowing you to build on and maintain an active daily pace.

Plus, taking care of yourself physically helps nourish the brain to function at a higher level, enabling you to quickly resolve issues that inevitably pop up, and be more creative in planning strategy.

Additionally, while I doubt highly that hummingbirds plan schedules, keep notes, and track performance, their ability to accomplish so much at such a rapid pace serves as an inspiration for what CAN be accomplished if you are well-prepared, have an action plan for each day, and focus your energies on income-producing activities.

Each day, and once per week, you must write down the tasks and objectives for that day, and week, and prioritize them not only based on their importance, but also with an eye toward efficiency. For example, a certain task may not have as high of a priority as others, but may be easily accomplished when combined with doing another higher-priority task. Keeping an eye on task-handling efficiency will allow you to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time.

Structuring each day with an action plan and schedule that allots a set amount of time for each major task will allow you to properly concentrate your energies to accomplishing these tasks within that window of time. And, for every task defined, you must ask yourself – ‘Is this an income-producing activity’? If you are finding that too much of what you have planned does not produce income, you need to change your strategy and tactics to more appropriately move your business forward.

So, take some time to reflect on the highly-efficient hummingbird. Design a plan on how you can master your own daily structure in order to operate at peak efficiency and quickly handle the daily planned and unplanned tasks required in order for you to achieve your own high level of success. Following these priorities will help you expand the vitality of your own business.


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