Create a Facebook Business Page That Crushes Your Competition

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Create a Facebook Business Page That Crushes Your Competition

How to Get Thousands of Likes to Your Facebook Business Page

With over 1 billion users worldwide, generating over 3 billion likes and comments per day, it is impossible to ignore the vast market potential that a Facebook Business Page has for small and large businesses today. If you are looking to start a business, or expand your market reach by tapping into the massive potential your Facebook Business Page can generate, you’ve come to the right source.

The techniques and resources presented here can be used to create both a Facebook Fanpage and a Facebook Business Page. The concepts are the same for both, with the only difference being the message and target market.

Are You Ready and Excited?

Okay, here is the summarized version. Once you have decided on your niche, and create the Facebook Business Page, then:

1)  You create some initial posts and content to create value for the new fans that arrive.

2)  You research and make a list of Facebook Business Pages, Facebook Fanpages and FB Groups that are related to your niche.

3)  You use a new tool (that I will share with you below) to extract the FB ID’s for each user in those groups and fanpages.

4)  You import that new list of user ID’s into the Facebook advertising section called “Custom Audiences”.

5)  Now you can advertise directly to those highly engaged and targeted people, for pennies on the dollar.

6)  You use another tool (that I will share with you below) to automatically created dozens of versions of your Facebook ads, so that you can split test and see which ones convert the best.

7)  Once you find ads that are converting fans at the lowest rates (ideally around $0.01 per new like), then you stop the other ads, and scale up the ones that are working very well.

8)  As new fans come in to your Facebook fanpage, you make sure to post at least once daily, at the right time each day, and share something that has a chance to go viral (which I will share with you below).

9)  Even though you pay for your initial engaged fans, they do the viral marketing for you, and your Facebook Business Page starts to grow like crazy, into the tens of thousands of fans, without having to do any more targeted pay per click campaigns 🙂

There is a great tool to give you more detail and more specific training on all of this:

Click Here to Get Training on How To Get 10,000+ Fans To Your Facebook Fanpage for Pennies on the Dollar!

Okay, let’s continue with the training.

How can this knowledge be used in creative ways to be able to CREATE more traffic, CAPTURE more leads, and CONVERT more sales for your business?

Well, let me start by getting the ideas rolling in your own head 🙂

Let’s say that you have a blog that you own.  And on that blog, you write about your specific business.  In this hypothetical example, let’s say that on your blog you write about “RUNNING”.

Perhaps you review running techniques, new products, write about people, and report on events.  (What I am going to share with you can work for any niche).

As an idea, you could create a Facebook Business Page about your Running Products business.  Perhaps something like “I LOVE TO RUN!”.  Get creative here with a title that you think a lot of people would like.

Now, you start targeting other running lovers on Facebook to become fans of your new page.

On that Facebook Business Page, you share your blog posts, or running videos, and get hundreds or even thousands of likes, comments, and shares as a result!

Not only does this help your Facebook Business Page go more viral when people share content, but it also helps your business blog and website get ranked better in Google as more people share your content and engage with it.

Are the Facebook Business Page ideas starting to spin?

Next, you can start to look at ways to “monetize” that Facebook Business Page or Fanpage.  You can promote your own running products, or link to others that have to do with running – anything that generates revenue or commissions every time you promote them!

So your posts can be a combination of viral pictures, cool techniques, awesome videos, and occasional product offers.

Once the revenue starts to roll, you now see a return on your initial investment in paid advertising to boost your Facebook Business Page.

When you refer those fans back to your business blog or YouTube videos, this is your chance to turn them into opt-in members of your email list, and promote your business, products or services to them.

Think of the possibilities!

And this is only the scratching the surface!

That’s why I’m so excited to share with you this new Facebook Fanpage Method, which is creating amazing results, not only for me, but for tons of my friends in the internet marketing space!

Click Here to Get Training on How To Get 10,000+ Fans To Your Facebook Business Page for Pennies on the Dollar!

Create your own business success story of starting a new Facebook Business Page from scratch, and getting tens of thousands of highly engaged fans that you can use to generate sales and loyal customers!

Please share the links to this information with your friends and business associates.

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Thanks for visiting and learning more about this Facebook Business Page technique and check back often for more strategies! Feel free to leave comments below.

To YOUR Massive Success,


John Newton

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