Escape From the Minimum Wage Mindset

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Escape From the Minimum Wage Mindset

This week, as many of you saw or heard, or even maybe participated in, a number of Fast Food workers took to the streets to protest low minimum wage rates, asking that the wage be raised to $15 per hour.

And, let’s face it – nobody can survive or support themselves, much less a family, if you are earning $7 or $8 per hour. But the issue of raising the minimum wage rate goes far deeper than a number on a piece of paper. To start, here is a short video of some of my thoughts:

Video Link:   Escape From The Minimum Wage Mindset

Keep in mind – my first minimum wage job paid $1.75 per hour, so $7.50 per hour is a relative ‘fortune’. From a global economic perspective, raising the minimum wage ultimately results in higher prices to the consumer, not only directly by the affected employers, but also from raw materials suppliers. I doubt highly that many of the protesters understood that a substantive increase of this magnitude hurts them in other ways in the long run.

But, step back for a second and think about this from a different perspective. The idea that $15, $20, $25 per hour has any value to anyone but the most inexperienced worker is – to be blunt – preposterous!

My feeling on this was borne out during a conference I attended last weekend. One of the ideas presented, which was seared to my mental registers, is a concept put forth originally by Grant Cardone:

Success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility

This, of course, is absolutely true, but unfortunately it is a concept that few people follow. Instead, people allow themselves to live trapped in some employer’s hourly gulag, hoping for the 3% raise instead of the 2%. Ouch!

Why would people doom themselves to working for the smallest amount possible? I said this in the video, but let me emphasize it here:

YOU Deserve An Abundant Life!

After the 2008 financial meltdown, employment and the economy changed forever. We are NEVER going back to the pre-2008 economy.

In general, the wealthiest people in the world have earned their wealth by building a business. Many people, trapped in the ‘minimum mindset’, don’t think they have the money or ability to start their own business.

This is simply not true!

Within the pages of this website you can find out a way to achieve financial freedom by building a 21st century career yourself, starting your own business for as little as $45! Here is something for you to ponder, which is a saying many in my community abide by:

There is plenty of room at the top of the ladder; it is the bottom that is the most crowded!

Learn how to build a business and bring forth from deep inside of you the true value that you can offer to this world. Time is too short to spend jockeying for position at the bottom of the ladder.

I absolutely believe every single person in this world has significant value to offer, and I would like to help as many people as I can break through the minimum mindset, and make their way up the ladder to a truly abundant life.

Please, start your journey today!

To YOUR Massive Success,


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