How do Blogs Make Money?

How Do Blogs Make Money?

Did you know there are more blogs than newspapers these days? Very few people still rely on things like newspaper ads and magazines to get reviews of products and information. How do people find the time to do all of that blogging, though? They’ve got to be making money off of it, right?

There are several ways that bloggers make money, but all of them rely on one thing: getting attention. Once you have the right amount of traffic, there are a number of ways you can generate a steady flow of income right into your bank account.

Take a look at these in particular:


If you ask most professional bloggers “How do blogs make money?” you’ll find that a majority of them say that advertisements are the key. That comes in a variety of forms.

Google AdSense is the king of on-page advertising. It isn’t as popular as it once was, but it is enough to make Google billions of dollars every year. By creating an account with AdSense, and dedicating space on your blog site, you can create a ‘virtual’ ad platform where Google rotates different ads into that space to be seen by your readers. Advertisers pay Google for the space and, if someone clicks on the ad, you get paid an amount that is dependent on the ad itself and your site’s popularity.

In reality, there are a lot of alternative companies that will pay you for ad clicks. Clicksor, Chitka, and AdBrite are among the most popular options out there if you want to move away from AdSense, although the other sites will still rely primarily on Google for the traffic.

Affiliate Products

How do blogs make money without having to create their own product? Affiliate sales. In many cases, a blog post will include a link to another website offering products relevant to the topic. In advance of writing on a particular subject, you first set up an affiliate account with the company and products you want to promote. Having done so, once people click on your link inside the blog post and purchase from that vendor, you receive a commission on the sale.

Companies like the Empower Network can give you everything you need to set up a blog site and start selling other people’s products, as well as promote the Empower products.

In many cases, if someone buys a product off of a link from your site, you can realize as high as 100% of the selling price! The commissions will vary depending on what companies you promote, but it is normally much higher than buying and reselling products on your own. Click Bank, for example, lets you build a site and simply click to add products to your page that has reviews or blogs about the product. Other companies give you everything you need to get started, including banners, advertisement designs, and videos.

Empower Network is special in that they charge a monthly fee, but give you pre-made sites and products that you have the ability to promote. No web design at all. You can insert your own products by linking to them in blog posts, but everything else that you could possibly need is there. They’ll walk you through every step to make sure that you never have any questions or get overwhelmed.

Membership Only

How do blogs make money off of its readers? Membership sites are another way. If you are able to create truly valuable content and can offer something vital to your readers, a member’s only area offers readers access to special content in exchange for a fee you charge.

If using WordPress for your website, WordPress plugins and other software products make it easy to set up a portion of your site that only paying members can access. For a monthly fee, or one-time payment, they can have all of the “special” information that you don’t want to release to the public. No matter what kind of blog it is, you can find a way to include special deals to paying members.

How Do Blogs Make Money?

The answer, as you now know, is a variety of ways. How do blogs make money without creating products? You now can see a couple of different ways to generate income. For ease of use and the ability to get off to a fast start, the Empower Network provides you an ideal platform. You’ll have a significant number of tools you need to get your business off the ground and achieve online success.

Thousands of people are earning 6 – 8 figure annual incomes just by blogging and driving traffic to affiliate links. Achieve financial success by building a 21st century career. For more information or to get started, follow these links:

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