Life is Fleeting

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Life is Fleeting

A Brutal Reminder that Life is Fleeting

Yesterday, I received news that my 26 year old niece collapsed and died at her home. While she had struggled with some health issues for some time, her passing was unexpected, and it is unfathomable how anyone so young can die so suddenly.

It certainly puts life in perspective, doesn’t it? Having already passed the midpoint (hopefully) of my own life, I find myself reflecting on accomplishments and failures, and hoping that God grants me enough time in my own life to check off the still-growing list of things I want to achieve.

My niece leaves a fiancé and two very young children.  How sad to see yet another young legacy left unfulfilled.

Events like this definitely leave me focused – as well they should you – on what is important in life, and making sure that each day is approached with the proper amount of energy and desire to live this fleeting life to the fullest and work to accomplish the goals in front of me.

It also presents the proper framework to review where one is headed, and to make sure that I spend enough time with the core components of my own life – family, faith, health, core passions – so that if my time passes sooner ‘than expected’, I will have hopefully left some feeling of fullness and love with those I leave behind.

What is your legacy? If you died today, what will people think about you and how you affected their lives?  We live in a world today where decency and civility to one another are in decline.  That is unfortunate, because we have so many opportunities every day to make a difference in other people’s lives, and to improve this small planet that we inhabit.

Life is Fleeting….

Do you begin each day and each week with a list of important items which you want to accomplish?  Are you checking the list to make sure it includes your own core components?  I know I personally struggle at times doing this consistently, and yet it is so critical to staying focused and tracking on your own personal development, and how you affect others.

Have you spent time visualizing and putting down in writing the clear objectives you WILL accomplish in the next 90 days? And I’m not talking about a bullet-list.  Can you clearly visualize what those end-goals look like; the sights, smells and environment around you at the exact time you visualize; who you are with and what you say to them?  Clearly defined goals are nothing if they cannot be absolutely visualized.

It was said in a famous movie once: Dying is a part of Life.  Knowing that there is a finite end out there somewhere, someday, my goal is to become more effective at handling the many everyday tasks that await, while increasing my focus on core values and people.

I was reminded again yesterday – It’s up to me…….truly, Life is Fleeting.


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