Making Money with Blogs

Interested in Making Money with Blogs? Learn the Biggest Thing You Might Be Doing Wrong…

Despite what you may have been led to believe, making money with blogs requires much more than plastering advertisements all over your website. In fact, doing this will actually hinder your success and cause you to lose out on potential followers. So, what’s the “secret” ingredient to creating a profitable blog? Before we answer that question, let’s talk about a fundamental concept that most bloggers tend to overlook.

Create Premium Content That Sells 

Creating high-quality, captivating, and memorable content is by far the best way to stand out online. As the old saying goes, “Content is King”, and when it comes to making money with blogs, it’s true. You have to create blog content that readers won’t be able to find anywhere else or that is attractive, interesting, and engaging.

And what’s the best way to do this?

Provide as much value as you can. Today, the Internet is filled with thousands of lazy marketers, each of who are trying to scrape by with mediocre content. Fortunately, this is where you can leverage your writing abilities and make an impact. Here are some tips to consider for creating content that really converts well:

  • Focus on Human Readers: While SEO is extremely important, and should be taken into consideration when writing your blog posts, you should place more emphasis on pleasing your human readers. Too many bloggers focus on pleasing search engine bots, and completely remove the human element from the equation (which isn’t good).
  • Break Up Content: Don’t shy away from using bullet points, bolded words, subheadings, or any other type of formatting technique that will make your content look more visually appealing. As many notable bloggers would say, “Make your content easy to scan over visually”.
  • Ask Questions: Whenever you create content for your blog, start by asking a question. For example, are you interested in earning $500 to $1,000 per month from your website or blog? Do you see how the question immediately caught your attention? Asking questions and then providing answers to those questions is another great way to create valuable content.

Again, too many bloggers place more emphasis on pleasing search engine bots rather than their human readers. In the end, it is your readers who have the most value to you in the long-run! Providing your readers valuable and interesting content will lead to more direct engagement with them, which is an extremely valuable SEO and sales capability. By taking a more hands-on approach and creating better content, you’ll automatically create a better filter for applying the money-making methods we are about the discuss.

What’s The Best Way to Monetize a Blog?

There are dozens of ways to monetize a blog. From selling ad space, to promoting Amazon products, each money making money method comes with its own set of pros and cons. In the following sections, we’ll talk about monetization techniques which should allow making money with blogs to come much more easily. They are:

  • Google AdSense: When you think about making money with a blog, Google AdSense is likely the first solution that comes to mind. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s currently the best general CPC advertising program online today. When monetizing your blog with Google AdSense, make sure that you focus on one area: traffic. The more visitors you bring in, the more potential there will be to make money.
  • Sell Ad Space: There are no “set” guidelines when it comes to selling ad space on your blog. In fact, what you charge advertisers should be directly correlated with your monthly traffic as well as the overall demand and popularity of your blog. Bloggers have sold ad space anywhere from $50 to $50,000 on their sites (just to provide you with a little insight on how much can be charged).
  • Amazon Associates: This is another great technique for making money with blogs. The value of Amazon Associates is because it tends to convert extremely well compared to other monetization techniques. Note, while commissions on the program are relatively low for starting out (around 4%), they can increase over time as you make more sales and refer more customers.
  • Affiliate Offers:  In general, the highest paying program for making money with your blogs is to become an affiliate for any number of Internet Marketing ventures and promote those programs on your blog site. For example, two programs that offer 100% gross commissions – the gold standard for affiliate commission rates – are Empower Network and VSN Extreme. These are highly valuable programs offering incredible value, and are actually complementary with one another.

It’s important to remember, making money with blogs has more to do with your content and less to do with the types of ads you are promoting. Sure, those are important, but if you’re creating really memorable content that people love, you should find it extremely easy to make money with your website.

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