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Would Donald Trump invest $45,000 to make $1 Million per month? $5 Million? $10 Million?  Oh, yeah – in a New York Minute, he would!

You may not have a spare $45,000 lying around, but if you invested $45 to earn $1000, or $5000, or $10,000, you would be earning the same rate of return as The Donald, right?

See, most people dream of earning $$millions, yet they pass up opportunities every day to make the same rate-of-return that millionaires have trained themselves NEVER to ignore.

This is the opportunity I am presenting you today – invest $45 to start your own business, using 21st century technology and skills you already have, and build a business just like mine and others, who are making $5,000, $10,000, $100,000 and more EVERY SINGLE MONTH!

It can be truly That Rewarding.

A simple shift in your mindset is all that is required for you to move away from being a consumer, like practically everyone else in this world, to understanding the value of investing in the One Thing that guarantees success — YOU!!

You see, the investment holdings of millionaires are just the result of informed decisions they have made – like the opportunity to turn $45 into $$thousands. Millionaires recognize immediately the value of that investment.


If you read my About page, I promised you I would be straight-forward about business opportunities and give you the real details, not the fluff or soft-sell. I want you to be an informed business person, at the risk of losing a non-serious tire kicker.

Now, it is important for you to have seen the FREE informational videos on Empower Network first, so if you have not done so, Go To This Link to get the basic information on this tremendous opportunity. It will take around 30 minutes, so please find a quiet moment to do so.

And, if you are a Take Action kind of person, you can Click On This Link to be taken directly to the Membership Page, and congratulations on your tremendously positive Life-Altering decision.

Please also take a moment to review the obligatory legal statements here, since by law we are required to tell you that just because other people are making money, there is no guarantee you will.

I am only going to focus this page on Empower Network as the primary business opportunity, because it offers the greatest reward for effort; is a proven program growing at an incredible rate; provides Affiliates with access to amazing training resources which can be used for ANY type of business; and has a low cost of entry.

So, what is Empower Network in a nutshell:

It is a network of affiliate Internet Marketers which provides members a blogging platform from which affiliates can create and develop their own subject matter ‘authority’ on any topics they wish, market any other products they wish, and allows affiliates the ability to earn up to 100% commissions to add other Empower Network affiliates.
The blogging platform is included as part of the base membership package. Affiliates may purchase 4 additional training products which provide varying levels of marketing training to assist affiliates in building their business.
If Affiliates wish to sell the Empower Network opportunity to other individuals, a back-office payment processing system is available to Affiliates for a nominal monthly fee.

Let me emphasize – the commission payout is 100% on every product (less processing fees that are roughly 7-10%).  This is why this is such a great opportunity!

Pretty much every Affiliate out there selling Empower Network will say it is “only $25 to get started”. This is the truth, and the $25 is a monthly membership fee. Since you are here to also make money, there are additional components required. The back-office processing system, which is absolutely required for you to earn commissions on Empower sales, carries a monthly fee of $19.00.

As you develop leads you need a method to track your leads as well as interact with them. Because of spam regulations, you must also have a system in place to do this. We all use a company called Aweber to do this. Their services are $1 for the first month, and $20 per month after that.

So, the honest, straight-forward amount required for you to start building your online Internet Marketing business utilizing Empower Network is just shy of $65 per month.

By now you realize – the millionaire mindset, or even the Thousandaire mindset, says investing $65 per month for the opportunity to make $$thousands per month is a no-brainer.

Everything else beyond this is icing on the cake. Once you have joined my team, you will:

* Receive additional FREE bonus trainings in the first couple of emails you receive from me

* Be provided access to a team website which contains vast amounts of resources and training to help you build your business

* Receive follow-up emails from me with tips and tricks, and checklists to help you stay focused on critical tasks. And…

* Receive information on how to access other valuable training products.


Best of all, you can work on this part-time until you have built an income to allow yourself to quit your job, or you can jump in with ‘guns blazing’ and build your business fast.

See the results others have achieved here, or watch a video of my teammates here.

So, make this YOUR day and join Empower Network – the experience and results will be incredibly rewarding!

To YOUR Massive Success!



>Results are never common or typical. Please read income disclaimer information on this site, as well as at this link.


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