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Invest Your Time and Energy In Yourself

It happens every day to thousands, and has been nearly rampant the last few years. You know what I am talking about: “I just got laid off and have no idea how I’m going to survive”.

Now what? You can’t go back in time and re-live the last few years, only differently. You can give up, count on others to help, and play victim and complain about how someone else took your livelihood in their hands.

You can get right back into the same game, letting someone else control what you do, how much you make, where you do it – become a newbie for someone else – only to be worried the next time the next round of cuts are announced, knowing who they look to chop first.

Or, you can invest your time and energy in yourself, and start to build your own business using skills you already have, and the motivation that you are NEVER going to go back to THAT way of life – being controlled by someone else.

Here’s the truth – building a business, no matter the type, is HARD.

But, so is rebuilding your career…..or savings……or family…..or self-esteem – only to have it snuffed out again and again.

So, it’s your choice – expend all that energy to rinse-and-repeat the “Workin’ for the Man” drudgery.

Or, invest the same energy building your own online business marketing over the internet, from the comfort of home (or the beach, or….), and make more than you ever have.

This is what I am doing, using the Empower Network affiliate program as my primary vehicle to build an online mini-empire.

You see, this business is about building a list of followers. So, whether they join with you in Empower Network, they still are prospects for other offers you will have – your own widget, or another affiliate offer, or stuff on Ebay. Heck, there are thousands and thousands of people making commissions RIGHT THIS MINUTE promoting products on Amazon, a well-known brand.


I know you have the desire and dedication. And, most likely some extra motivation to (fill in the blank – prove everyone wrong; make money fast; piss off your old boss; etc.)

Get into Empower Network today…..Build a following (without even picking up the phone)… communicate with them every day… and make things happen for you, by you.

See you on the Inside……




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